In today’s world, few employers can successfully compete in the labor marketplace without maintaining a comprehensive employee benefit package. A major component of such a program must be one or more qualified pension or profit sharing plans.

At The Price Company, we assist employers in selecting the Qualified Plans to most effectively meet their well defined strategic objectives. We concentrate on designing, formulating, and installing corporate, self-employed and partnership-qualified Pension and Profit Sharing Plans for the purpose of tax deferral through fringe benefits. Through prudent planning, especially during high earning years, not only may taxes be saved, but future security may be established.

For the past four decades we have designed and administered retirement benefit plans for well over 500 companies nationally and internationally; we have established a reputation for handling large and complicated plans; and we have become a leader in the establishment of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP).

We are committed to excellence in every facet of our business; from our creative solutions to the to the quality of our administration.

You will see us face-to-face regularly and you are welcome to call us toll-free anytime.

We have earned it with our clients and intend to maintain it as long as we are in business.

With state-of-the-art technology we can keep your plan administration accurate and on target.

We have it…so you can have it. That is why we are completely fee-based and sell no products.

We are licensed to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service if ever needed.

We are a qualified team of administrators ready to help you when ever you need it. Together we have over 80 years of combined experience.

We maintain all plan data, preparing customized reports that ensure compliance with reporting and disclosure requirements.

Our staff is committed to being sharp when you need cutting-edge solutions. We are recognized industry experts and are continuously monitoring current and proposed legislation.


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